American Heart Association (AHA) training

We provide AHA training in BLS CPR, Heartsaver CPR-AED, Heartsaver First Aid, Heartsave Pediatric First Aid, and Bloodborne Pathogens courses.

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Emergency Care and Safety Institute (ECSI) training

We provide ECSI training in CPR-AED and First Aid courses.

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HSI Medic First Aid training

We provide flexible Medic CPR-AED and first aid training courses for organizations to meet regulatory requirements, e.g. OSHA.  These courses are often used by contractors, electricians, excavators, plumbers, etc.

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CPR-AED and  First Aid Training

When faced with a sudden emergency medical situation, do you know how to properly administer CPR or first aid?  It may happen at work, at home or just about anywhere.

Be prepared for such emergencies by taking training in CPR-AED and first aid.  It may allow you to save the life of a fellow employee or one of your family loved ones.

Providing CPR or first aid while waiting on an EMS response from your local ambulance may save a life or prevent further injury from occurring.  Timely first aid may prevent infections or reduce the amount of rehabilitation required.

CPR-AED and first aid training are bonus skills when added to a job resume.  Many jobs may require you to acquire and remain certified in this training.

Prepare now to help someone or yourself in a time of need .  Schedule a training class now!


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